Forest Protection

Corporate Social Responsibility

Forest Protection is the largest 702 aerial operator in Eastern Canada.

With such great responsibility and impact, it is in our best interest to give back to the local municipal and professional communities that serve it. 

Environmental Sustainability

Forest Protection’s mission is to preserve and protect the forests that sustain our ecosystems, communities, and economies. We promise to act as stewards of the environment, actively working to promote the sustainability of forests using the latest developments in science, technology, and forestry practices. 

Environmental protection of forests in our region is essential to Forest Protection’s operation in providing aerial forest management services. Because of this, all members of Forest Protection place significant efforts into preventing, controlling, and repairing environmental damage during training, field (aerial treatment and fire) operations, and year-round maintenance.

In addition to performing ample research into the strategic use of pest and vegetation management products, we strictly adhere to provincial and federal laws and regulations with respect to application. Herbicides used by Forest Protection for vegetation management undergo routine re-evaluation by Health Canada to ensure they do not pose any risks to human health or the environment. 

Forest Protection has enabled New Brunswick to maintain the lowest rate of unintentional reversals in Canada, while having the fewest Ha lost to fire year over year for the past five years in Eastern Canada. With this, more forests have been available for carbon capturing, recreational use, and increased public safety amongst rural and remote communities. When best practices are shared with global partners, the same benefits can be achieved amongst other nations where forest protection is needed the most.  

Our infrastructure and equipment are being optimized to meet modern codes and energy efficient standards. New aircraft under consideration feature more pure and reliable Jet-A fuel, and through the introduction of a flight simulator, fewer aircraft flights are required for training purposes, thus reducing the carbon footprint tied to operations.

People & Community

Forest Protection is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for the professional talent, partnerships and services that allow Forest Protection to continue to protect our forests. In doing so, consideration has been made for recurring sponsorship of local teams and associated conferences. Additionally, we are proud to offer our “Xenia Morales – Women in Aviation Scholarship” in support of women looking to further their aviation industry skills as either an Agricultural Pilot or Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Employees are encouraged to give back their time through local volunteer opportunities with up to three paid workdays available each year to engage in such volunteer work. Community engagement through financial and time-based donations will strengthen the bonds within the areas that Forest Protection operates and the company itself.


There is no denying the economic impact of the forest resources in Gaspe and Atlantic Canada. Forest Protection provides extremely cost-effective insurance for the preservation of our Acadian forest. Forest Protection’s operating costs are less than 1% of the GDP Forestry and Forest Products Sector in New Brunswick. Sustaining our forests is essential to the many of billions of dollars that industry injects into our economy. Continued investment into our operations play a crucial role in preserving this economic engine and will help the sector see long term stability and growth. 

Forest Protection strives to promote a strong community by creating jobs and employing people within New Brunswick. We hire students and new graduates to demonstrate the viability of full-time employment in the forestry and aerial industries in the province of NB. This in turn helps to support GNB’s efforts to recruit, retain, and repatriate NB talent within the province to help energize the private sector. Employees of Forest Protection are proudly offered competitive salaries that are well above the average household income in the region, further contributing to talent retention in New Brunswick.