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Aerial Management System

Forest Protection is the only company in the world offering the precision and accuracy of The Accuair® Aerial Management System.

The Accuair® Aerial Management System (AMS) provides real time control of optimal spray droplet delivery and the intelligence required to ensure that they reach their target. 

Key Features of The Accuair® Aerial Management System

  • Aerial Management System provides optimized product delivery

    Optimized product delivery and accuracy

  • Aerial Management System is extremely reliable

    Extremely reliable

  • Aerial Management System means less work load for operators

    Less work-load for aircraft pilot

  • Cost and time efficiency is achievable with AMS

    Cost & time efficient

Control & Expertise

Using precision GPS tracking with aircraft-based meteorology and an advanced predictive AG-NAV® guidance system, The Accuair® Aerial Management System (AMS) automatically determines flight path offset to ensure a minimal off-target spray drift. Employing the latest in computer technology and GPS navigation, the Accuair® AMS is designed to exceed aerial application guidance and control requirements. Advanced software and hardware provide fast, clear visuals on the Moving Map Display and a USB port means fast file transfers and the potential to save a whole season of data on a single jump drive—making the Accuair® AMS cost-efficient, time-efficient and reliable.

Next-Generation Precision GPS Navigation

The Accuair® AMS employs new Drift Compensation Technology to optimally determine flight offset requirements for aerial spraying. Delivering unprecedented aerial application accuracy, the Accuair® AMS compensates for drift based on droplet size, wind speed, wind direction, and the aircraft used in a given application.

Steady Application Rates

Accuair® AMS uses AG-FLOW which ensures steady distribution of application rates by automatically adjusting flow based on aircraft speed. The AG-FLOW system consists of a flow sensor, a controller box, a valve and a DC motor which adjusts the valve position. The valve position automatically adjusts the flow rate, thus maintaining output at desired levels. The AG-FLOW is also equipped with CAN bus technology for communication with other navigation systems.

Forest Fire Applications

Accuair® AMS aids the attack on forest fires. With accurate GPS data and active tracking, each aircraft in an attack can log and monitor the position of other AMS equipped aircraft in the operation, the location of the target, and previous drop locations. Accuair® AMS allows a “bird dog” and air tankers to mark the fire boundary, generate target lines, select fire locations and transmit that data to other pilots in the operation so they can see the attack plan and targets.

Accuair® AMS Advantages

  • Sealed housing to prevent external contamination
  • Bright display that is day/night colour attuned
  • Lightweight, compact, self-contained design
  • User-friendly set-up and application menus
  • Built-in super-bright, adjustable light bar
  • Compact intelligent Moving Map Display with six-key keypad
  • Stand-alone DGPS receiver system
  • AG-NAV® screen that interfaces with a variety of DGPS receivers
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