Forest Protection has a long history of participating in research that enhances the ability of managers and operators to protect forests responsibly, effectively and above all safely with emphasis on cost control.

Our company has benefited from partnerships with many organizations including the Canadian and US Forest Services, provincial departments, industry partners and numerous universities. These partnerships have fostered many successes in the protection of forests. Our activities with these organizations include research and development partnerships, forest fire suppression, new technology testing, and insect control.

Forest Protection is a key industry partner involved in the Healthy Forest Partnership. More specifically, under the Early Intervention Strategy for combating spruce budworm in Atlantic Canada, Forest Protection is leading the research. Our goal is to better understand management practices by testing the effects of application timing, application rates and different products on treatment efficacy.

We proudly assist our government partners with their research in the associated projects within our Healthy Forestry Partnership:

  • The efficacy, treatment optimization and non-target impacts of the Early Intervention Strategy for Combating Spruce Budworm in Atlantic Canada
  • Tracking insect outbreaks by using the Budworm Tracker citizen science program to study budworm dispersal and enhance public engagement
  • Spruce Budworm pest management as a conservation tool for critical habitats and ecological integrity of forest watersheds

Our commitment to extensive research on forest health enables Forest Protection to prevent harmful infestation outbreaks that could cause substantial damage to the forests in our region. Moreover, our research aids in preserving and protecting the forests that sustain our ecosystems, communities and economy. 

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