We Care About Our Forests

In the air or on the ground, Forest Protection Limited has been watching over our forests since 1952. We use innovative technology and sustainable practices that ensure our forests—and our people—are safe.

The Technological Difference

The demands on managers and operators to deliver effective results has never been greater. Our Accuair® suite of services offers the precision needed to protect what we value the most—our people and our forests.

Wind Tunnel (WT)

The Accuair Wind Tunnel (WT) measures droplet size under full-scale spray conditions at real aircraft velocities. Information generated by the Accuair Wind Tunnel provides users a means of creating efficient spray system performance.

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Forest Optimization System (ForPRO)

The Accuair Forest Protection Optimization System (ForPRO) allows forestry planners to know that spray drop applications will be delivered to where it is needed the most. The technology features advanced planning tools to inform forest protection strategies now and into the future.

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Aerial Management System (AMS)

The Accuair Aerial Management System (AMS) provides real-time in-flight control to ensure precise spray droplet delivery and the intelligence required to reach their intended target. Using advanced GPS tracking with aircraft-based meteorology and predictive guidance system, the Accuair AMS automatically determines a flight path with minimal spray drift.

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At Forest Protection Limited, we have a long history of participating in research that enhances the ability of managers and operators to protect forests responsibly,effectively—and above all—safely with emphasis on cost control.

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