The 2023 Xenia Morales Women in Aviation Scholarship Winner

FPL is thrilled to announce Katie Clybourne as the recipient of the 2023 Xenia Morales Women in Aviation Scholarship!

Katie is a stellar student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aviation with Minors in Geography and Environmental Science at Mount Allison University and Moncton Flight College. She’s a true multitasker, juggling three jobs during the school year, including roles as a research assistant and a teaching assistant, while maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA.

In a class of 69 students, Katie achieved a significant milestone—being among the first to complete her flying hours and becoming the first female to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL) this year. Her dedication doesn’t stop there—she is pursuing her night rating and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) at Moncton Flight College.

Katie’s passion for aviation has already seen her in action. She gained valuable field experience with FPL as a mission analyst in Cochrane, ON, and a summer assistant in Deer Lake, NFLD. Inspired by her conversations with ag pilots during FPL spruce budworm projects, she’s considering agricultural pilot training after graduation.

The $5,000 scholarship will help Katie achieve her CPL, enabling her to fulfill her dreams of employment as a pilot. By providing financial support for Katie’s education, this scholarship is investing in her future and contributing to the growth of New Brunswick’s economy and workforce diversity.

Join us in congratulating Katie! Your dedication and achievements in the aviation world are truly commendable. Here’s to soaring to even greater heights!

About the Xenia Morales Scholarship
Established in 2021, the Xenia Morales Scholarship provides financial assistance to women pursuing a career in aviation as an aircraft maintenance engineer or agriculture pilot. It aims to promote gender equality in the aviation industry and support women passionate about protecting our natural resources while pursuing an aviation career.