Managing Spruce Budworm: A Game-Changer in NB

The spruce budworm is one of North America’s most destructive forest insects, threatening the biodiversity of Canadian forests. But how is New Brunswick tackling this challenge?

In the face of this ecological threat, New Brunswick has taken a bold step forward with its Early Intervention Strategy (EIS) and achieved remarkable results by pioneering a proactive approach to combat the spruce budworm.

Striking Results: Thanks to the Early Intervention Strategy, New Brunswick’s defoliation area remains below 5,000 hectares while neighbouring provinces have suffered over 13 million hectares of defoliation. The EIS has saved millions of hectares of forest and significantly reduced the need for extensive pesticide use.

Monitoring for Health: Since 2014, New Brunswick has diligently monitored 1,500-2,000 forest plots annually. This proactive approach ensures we understand the threats and maintain an updated inventory, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more stable forest ecosystem.

Environmental Impact: The Early Intervention Strategy isn’t just about protecting our forests; it safeguards habitat, timber resources, and clean water. It is a testament to the unwavering commitment to sustainable forest management, preserving the ecological balance crucial to our province.

Continuous Improvement: New Brunswick’s dedication to technology and ground monitoring sets it apart. The province strives to understand the forest ecosystem better and innovate to safeguard our forests.

Key Facts

  • New Brunswick is prudent regarding insecticide use, applying minimal insecticide (1.5 litres or less) over one hectare of budworm infestations.
  • A single-mated female moth can produce up to 4 million budworm moths over three years, underlining the importance of New Brunswick’s proactive approach.

Did You Know

EIS’s research program in New Brunswick successfully minimizes the impacts of spruce budworm, protecting forests and communities. The achievement reflects collaborative efforts and innovative spirit.

Brunswick’s Early Intervention Strategy is an exemplary model of proactive environmental stewardship in the fight against the spruce budworm. Learn more about New Brunswick’s forest management strategies and the impressive results in the full report, Excellence in Forest Management – Understanding our System

Together, we are safeguarding our forests and proudly contributing to the resilience of New Brunswick’s natural heritage.