FPL in Manitoba

Forest Protection Limited (FPL) is currently supporting firefighting efforts in western Manitoba.

FPL resources, in coordination with the NB Wildfire Management Branch, are made available to other jurisdictions through Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) when wildfire risk in NB is low.

CIFFC coordinates and supports wildfire management efforts across Canada by bringing together various agencies, provinces, territories and organizations involved in forest fire management.

It facilitates interagency cooperation and sharing of firefighting resources, such as personnel, equipment, and aircraft, among member agencies during high fire activity or for specific fire incidents. This shared resource model helps optimize resource allocation for better response to wildfires in Canada.

FPL thanks not only the ground and aerial firefighters but also the agencies who support fires and their dedicated service in protecting Canadian communities from wildfires.

Stay safe.

Photo: Wildfire burning in Leaf Rapids, MB/John Bushby