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Wind Tunnel

The Accuair® Wind Tunnel is a unique technology that enables measurement of droplet size distributions under full-scale spray conditions at real aircraft velocities.

Key Features of the Accuair® Wind Tunnel:

  • High efficiency filtration system provides unique opportunity to perform nozzle testing using real spray products
  • Produces high speed winds up to 300km/h (186 mph)
  • 1 meter diameter circular test section allows study of full-scale spray equipment
  • Sealed, windowed measurement section allows unobstructed views of the airstream
  • Vibration isolated instrument mounting platform

By mimicking the exact wind speeds and conditions of an aircraft while flying, the wind tunnel provides accurate measurement of droplet sizes and the quantity coming out of nozzles.

Such technology allows you to ensure equipment is properly configured and calibrated to meet manufacturer specifications and industry regulations. 

The Sympatec Helos Vario/KF™ Laser Diffraction Spectrometer

Specialized equipment capable of rapidly measuring droplets in its sensing beam. It operates on a dynamic platform allowing the spray plume to remain stationary and therefore reducing unwanted interference from the wind tunnel walls.

Knowing the size and quantity of droplets being sprayed allows for:

  • Increase application efficacy and therefore reduce frequency of application
  • Increase confidence in droplet size and reduce product waste

The Accuair® Wind Tunnel’s customized droplet spectrum measurements optimize return on investment by ensuring spraying operations are as stringent and precise as possible.

Such technology contributes to Forest Protection’s role in working to preserve and promote the sustainability of forests using the latest developments in science, technology and forestry practices.


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