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Pest and Vegetation Management

With significant efforts of maintaining the health of New Brunswick forests which directly impact the sustainability of our local economies, Forest Protection Limited (FPL) provides the full spectrum of aerial application services in support of pest and vegetation management.


Our research focuses on the following initiatives to help mitigate the impacts of harmful infestations:

  • The efficacy, treatment optimization and non-target impacts of the Early Intervention Strategy for Combating Spruce Budworm in Atlantic Canada 
  • Tracking outbreaks by using the Budworm Tracker citizen science program to study budworm dispersal and enhance public engagement
  • Spruce Budworm pest management as a conservation tool for critical habitats and ecological integrity of forest watersheds


FPL has expertise in planning and delivering the aerial application of pesticide and herbicides. Our aerial applications are coordinated in support of research objectives through a collaborative planning process with stakeholders. Best practices include:

  • The use of GIS technology to plot the treatment size and minimize the target of off-target drift
  • Establishing buffer zones around private land, marshlands, rivers, ponds and protected areas


FPL is committed to being transparent with the public. We uphold our responsibility to constantly communicate with clients and stakeholders in regard to our pest and vegetation management practices. We also engage in public notifications consisting of: 

  • Posting project notices in major New Brunswick newspapers
  • Posting project signs providing treatment details and timelines at all access points to areas that will be treated

Treatment & Application: Pest Management

To ensure treatment is effective and efficient, FPL has developed management practices to reduce treatment cost per hectare so that more hectares can be treated. We also focus on best practices for budworm management and analyzing treatment efficacy data.

Aerial pesticide application is completed using FPL’s AT802 platform which are fitted with spray booms and sophisticated guidance technology. Each application is preceded by a comprehensive conditions check based on:

  • Weather
  • Development of Spruce Budworm
  • Aircraft Readiness

Treatment & Application: Vegetation Management

Herbicides applied by FPL are approved by Health Canada to ensure they do not pose risks to human health or the environment. FPL abides by strict regulations with respect to the application of these herbicides. Aircrafts are fully calibrated and equipped with modern spray equipment technology using GPS guidance systems. This ensures that the product is only applied on areas selected for treatment.  

FPL’s vegetation management aerial application is performed by sub-contracted rotary wing aircrafts that are fitted with spray booms. A comprehensive conditions check is conducted prior to any application which involves verifying:

  • Weather
  • Hardening off of young conifer trees
  • Aircraft Readiness

Project Monitoring

FPL continually tracks the progress and success rates of our pest and vegetation treatments. This includes the use of web enabled progress dashboards and both aerial and ground-based post project surveys. Monitoring ensures that we place emphasis on targeted application to populations of spruce budworm and other infestation in order to mitigate the impact of harmful species on New Brunswick forests.