Wind Tunnel

The Accuair® Wind Tunnel (WT) enables measurement of droplet size distributions under full-scale spray conditions at real aircraft velocities.


Information provided by the Accuair® Wind Tunnel provides users an understanding of spray characteristics and a means of calibrating for optimal spray system performance.

The Sympatec Helos Vario/KF Laser Diffraction Spectrometer

Specialized equipment capable of rapidly measuring droplets in its sensing beam. Insensitive to droplet shape and opacity, it is well suited to the measurement of real droplet sprays. It is mounted on a precision traversing mechanism that enables movement of the entire LD system relative to the tunnel and spray. This method allows the atomizer and the spray plume to remain stationary in the centre of the tunnel and reduces unwanted interference from the wind tunnel walls.

Droplet Spectrum Measurements

The Accuair® Wind Tunnel optimizes return on investment by enabling customized droplet spectrum measurements. Accurate information about droplet size and characteristics allows you to ensure equipment is properly configured and calibrated to meet manufacturer specifications and industry regulations.

Knowing your target droplet size will:

  • Increase application efficacy
  • Increase confidence that your equipment produces droplets of the correct size
  • Reduce product waste
  • Lower the frequency of product applications
  • Decrease impact on the environment and reduce buffer zones

Performance Data

  • Maximum wind speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) exceeds application velocities of typical fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Flow non-uniformity less than 1% of average test section velocity
  • Uniform flow region 81cm (32 in) in diameter at measurement section
  • Turbulent intensity less than 1%

Platform Features

  • High efficiency filtration system enables testing of real spray products
  • Circular test section, 1 m (40 in) in diameter, allows study of full-scale spray equipment
  • Mount accommodates typical atomizers, such as CP nozzles, TeeJet nozzles, Micronair rotary atomizers and ASC rotary atomizers
  • Sealed, windowed measurement section allows unobstructed views of the airstream
  • Vibration isolated instrument mounting platform on an automated vertical traverse