Forest Optimization System (ForPRO)

The Accuair Forest Protection Optimization System (ForPRO) allows forestry planners to know that spray drop applications will be delivered to where it is needed the most. The technology features advanced planning tools to inform forest protection strategies now and into the future.


The Accuair® Forest Protection Optimization System (ForPRO) quantifies the marginal volume benefits (m³/ha, $/ha) derived from protecting forest stands against insect defoliation.

Accessing consultation and software from FORUS Research, Accuair® ForPRO uses forest inventory and insect monitoring data along with forest management plans to compare the effects of various protection strategies on forest development and sustainability. Accuair® ForPRO contains extensions to allow these analyses to be conducted in tandem with existing strategic forest management optimization models (e.g. Remsoft Spatial Planning System).

These capabilities permit efficient exploration of cost-effective protection scenarios and spatial visualization of projected insect impacts with and without protection or salvage.

This modelling framework was implemented in New Brunswick by FORUS Research in partnerships with the New Brunswick forest industry, the New Brunswick Department of Energy & Resource Developments, Forest Protection Limited®, Canadian Forest Service, and the University of New Brunswick.


The Accuair® Forest Protection Optimization System (ForPRO) is a new commercial software framework that allows seamless integration of forest estate planning and optimization models and underlying tree impact information derived from existing pest management decision tools.

The Accuair® ForPRO offers defoliation impact modelling data for multiple insects including spruce budworm, jack pine budworm, eastern hemlock looper and balsam fir sawfly.

Now, Accuair® ForPRO software is expanding to allow automatic creation of digital forest area boundaries that are used by aircraft flight plans to optimize the net cost-benefit ratio of any foliage protection program. The blocking algorithm blends strategic level information of land value with aircraft operational constraints and costs.