Forest Firefighting

The primary role of Forest Protection Limited’s fleet is to provide quick initial response to wildfires. The aircraft strategy is designed to slow (if not stop) the spread of fire and then contain it so it can be extinguished by ground crews.

We also provide air support on large “campaign” fires such as shuttling crews and equipment. We are also available to provide fire fighting services to other jurisdictions.

Our Air Tractor AT-802Fs can be used to contain spot fires, cool hot spots, and create retardant fire breaks in areas where it may be difficult or unsafe to have people and heavy equipment working.

Our objective is to have aircraft over a fire within 30 minutes after takeoff. During the forest fire season, we split our fire fighting aircraft into two teams, based at the Miramichi airport (CYCH). Depending on the fire hazard, aircraft may be moved or “day based” to other areas province-wide for quick response.