Aerial Surveys

Forest Protection Limited’s versatile and experienced pilots offer a wide range of aerial viewing services including wildlife, woodland and plantation surveys.

Here’s a list of the types of services and their applications for which we can offer:

Game Surveys

(deer and moose counts, environmental consultants)

Defoliation Surveys

(forest insect damage, plantation damage)

Forest Surveys

(harvest plans, blow-down damage)

Route Surveys

(aquaculture, storm damage, erosion, shore front development)

Coastline Surveys

(aquaculture, storm damage, erosion, shore front development)

Event Coverage

(sporting events, boat and car races, jamborees, news coverage)


(homes, business, building structures, real estate, private woodlots)


(news reports, GIS integration, flybys, movie and video production)

Search and Rescue

(lost persons, accident analysis)


(fisheries, hunting)


(insurance claims, flood damage, surveillance)

Note: Forest Protection Limited is a federally licensed “Aerial Work” operator and is therefore certified to perform these aerial services. Forest Protection Limited is not a federally licensed “Air Transport Service” (ATS) and therefore does not commercially transport persons or cargo in aircraft between points.