Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental policy governs every aspect of our activities, including:


We are committed to playing a leadership role in working with industry, government and the public to seek new technologies and practices that promote environmental responsibility.


FPL is committed to legal compliance, but does not stop there. We go the extra distance and incorporate applicable non-regulatory commitments in our operations, our facilities, and in every step of our project planning.


FPL invites regular environmental audits to ensure that our facilities and monitoring programs comply not only with regulatory and industry standards, but with our own stringent standards as well.


FPL provides a formal structure to guide its team in realizing its commitment to protect the environment and to constantly improve our environmental management systems.


We realize the need to strive for continual improvement and will seek out opportunities that improve overall environmental performance and address our commitment to prevention of pollution.

Working Together

FPL strives to work with suppliers, contractors, regulators and other business partners that respect and share in our commitment to a healthy environment.