Forest Protection Limited's Air Tractor AT-802F tanker fleet. Forest Protection Limited’s Air Tractor AT-802Fs are the world’s largest single engine air tankers. We’ve customized our fleet with a range of specialized equipment, computers and software, making these aircraft unique to Canada and abroad.

The low maintenance turbine engine integrates the latest technology in aerial environmental management. The aircraft is uniquely equipped for dual role fire fighting and spray missions. As a fire fighter, the computerized fire gate controls and high capacity hopper make the AT-802F a state-of-the-art air tanker. For pest control, the GPS guidance system, radar altimeter, automatic flow control system, automatic boom control system, pneumatic split boom system and data logging capability make the Air Tractor an amazing aircraft for vegetation management, insect management and other specialized aerial missions and surveys.

Here are some other features of Forest Protection Limited’s fleet of AT-802Fs:

  • Autopilot controls
  • Reverse thrust
  • Dual custom side loading
  • Lightning protection
  • Air conditioning for working over forest fires
  • 3,100 litre hopper capacity (820 U.S. gallon)
  • 1,400 litre long range fuel tanks (380 U.S. gallon)
  • Dual seat cockpits
  • One AT-802F has dual seat flight controls used for pilot training

A commitment to continual research and development in aerial application technology has allowed FPL to offer one of the world’s best fleets of environmental management aircraft today. No other fleet of single engine forestry aircraft in Canada have these capabilities.

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