At Forest Protection Limited we have a long history of participating in research that enhances the ability of managers to protect forests responsibly, effectively and above all safely with emphasis on cost control. Our company has benefited from partnerships with many government and academic organizations including the Canadian and US Forest Services, Provincial Departments of Natural Resources, and numerous universities. These partnerships have fostered many successes in the protection of forests. Our activities with these organizations include Research and Development partnerships, forest fire suppression new technology testing, and insect control. Forest Protection Limited has played a key role in field trials of sex pheromones and biological insecticides using with state-of-the art delivery technologies that allow us to optomize low volume delivery with the maximum benefit to the forest and people.

We work regularly with a variety of organizations including provincial departments of Natural Resources and Environment, private companies, and the federal departments such as Canadian and United States Forest Service.

We continually research and invest in new equipment and techniques so that we can respond quickly and effectively to any task with the best tools and know-how in the industry. Because of our commitment to research and technology, we have participated in numerous research trials, the results of which have formed the basis for regulations set by federal and provincial agencies across the country.